technical info: sans 10087-1: 2013
Location of containers
The installation of a container(s), complete with all associated equipment and appliances and any subsequent repair or modifications to the installation, shall be carried out by a registered installer qualified to the appropriate grade (domestic or commercial grade)
Note: This requirement does not include the replacement of containers
Each container shall be located in an upright position with the valve uppermost, and shall be so placed on a solid non-combustible level base that there can be no danger of the container tilting or falling over. Compacted soil shall not be acceptable
Containers shall be so located in an accessible position that:
a) full and empty containers can be changed easily;
b) they can be disconnected and removed quickly in case of an emergency, and
c) the container valve can be easily operated
In the selection of a location of containers, the following locations shall be avoided:
a) any position in which the containers are likely to cause obstruction, to become damaged or to be exposed to conditions likely to affect their safety;
b) any position that is subject to extreme temprature (excluding natural elements)
c) any position near corrosive or readily combustible substances; and
d) any position adjacent to cellars, drains, hollows, etc, where escaping gas might collect
Indoor Location
Where LPG containers are permanently installed or stored in a building, the type of building (in accordance with SANS 10400-A, see also annex B) and the corresponding size of the container(s) shall be as follows:
a) flats (H3): a maximum of 9 kg per flat;
b) houses (inculding cluster housing and group housing (not exceeding two storeys)): a total maximum of 19 kg per unit;
c) commercial premises (all occupancies not mentioned in this part of SANS 10087): a total maximum of 19kg oer unit, provided that there is a seperating element that complies with the requirements of SANS 10400-T ;
d) industrial premises (class of occupancy D1 to D4): a maximum of 19 kg per 600 m3 of building space with a total maximum of 100 kg; and
e) for special events: consult the local fire authority concerned; and
f) no fixed installation shall be installed inside a garage